Rachel Maddow, Sr. Mary Peter Diaz, DC and the Koch brothers

To hear Rachel Maddow tell it, Daughter of Charity Sr. Mary Peter Diaz single-handedly took on the billionaire Koch brothers and publicly defeated the conservative activists who spend millions of dollars supporting their candidates and causes. Diaz, not surprisingly,...

VIncentian Family and new Interfaith Initiatives

Fr. Claudio will seek to raise consciousness in the Vincentian Family on practical ways of promoting interfaith dialogue by offering a Christian and Vincentian way to respond to current conflicts.

More changes to Vincentian Family Structure

More changes to Vincentian Family Structure with the addition of three more branches to the Executive Committee

Different kinds of faith

Different kinds of faith

"In Rekindling your faith" Fr Pat Collins CM writes about the different kinds of faith we need and suggests how we might re-awaken our faith through prayer, the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church I would like to share a few thoughts on the meaning of the all...

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