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Sisters of Charity (NY) and the Civil War

Sr. Mary McCormick, SC, gave a presentation on the Sisters of Charity of New York who served as Civil War nurses. It was part of a panel, “A City At War: New York’s Catholics and the American Civil War, 1860-1865,” held at the College of Mount Saint Vincent,...

Nuns as most powerful weapon

"Like the nuns at Gettysburg, may we finally learn to unleash the most powerful weapon of all: unconditional love."  A little more than 150 years ago -- July 1-3, 1863 -- the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War was fought at Gettysburg, Pa. In that three-day...

Daughters of Charity – Civil War

The Daughters of Charity have received extensive attention during this 150th Anniversary Year of the CIvil War. The following links take you to the literally  thousands of news stories, web pages and images highlighted their service.

Gettysburg at 150 – Daughters of Charity

  Sr. Denise LaRock does her own re-enactment on the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Angels of the Battlefield. She explains... 150 years ago the Union soldiers encamped on the property of the Daughters of Charity in Emmitsburg, Maryland. ...
Nuns at war!

Nuns at war!

Catholic Nuns at War, so writes by SISTER JULIE inA nun's life blog. A nun cares for a wounded soldier in this detail from a larger Civil War-era print featuring the field ministry of Holy Cross Father P.P. Cooney....

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