When Children Ask About Homeless People

The children in your life are going to want to know why that person is sleeping on the sidewalk or pushing a shopping cart full of belongings.
The questions will vary. So should our answers.

My Mother’s Castle (Daughters of Charity Project)

The aim of the “My Mother’s Castle” project was to set up a hostel in the desert region of “Château d’eau” (in Atar, Mauritania) where the Daughters of Charity have been living for 25 years.

Promoting a Sense of God-Given Self-Worth

A video about Ozanam House, offering individuals the opportunity to build the confidence and self-belief to develop and grow, so that they and their families can have a better future.

Vincentian Family at the U.N.: Forced Labor

When Vincentians think of forced labor, the image may come to mind of our Co-Founder relieving a debilitated galley slave in the 1947 movie, “Monsieur Vincent.” Centuries later, the plight of forced laborers calls us not only to come to their aid, but also to end...

Hearing the cries of the poor at the border

Who hears the cry of the young mothers and children detained at the border? asks Giulio Grecchi, Tucson, AZ, Western Region Voice of the Poor Representative. After describing the situation he pleads “Something has to be changed” and offers suggestions about what Vincentian can do

Children in church

Children in church

Something that deserves wider circulation about children in church… “A parishioner gave me the following intro from parish they had visited. It is called “Celebrating Children at our Parish”