Francis – Extreme poverty as violation of human rights

CNA reported in 2009 - The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has called for an ethical response to solve the problem of social debt, saying that, not only do terrorism, repression and murder violate human rights, but also extreme poverty and...

Vincentian Family – Systemic Change

Sr. Carol Jean Willie has updated her effective presentation on Vincentian Family involvement in Systemic Change. This presentation goes beyond the keynote to the 150 people who gathered in Indianapolis to explore next steps in the Vincentian Family’s...

Systemic Change – Vincentian Family India

The Vincentian Family in India  will grapple with Systemic Change in a 3 day seminar featuring key members of the international Systemic CHange committee. Robert Maloney CM, Gene Smith SSVP, Pedro Opeka CM, James Claffey SSVP, Patricia deNava AIC, Norberto Carcellar...

“Big Questions” – Vincentian questions – DePaul University

"In Bangladesh, the camera crew slept on mats in huts, side-by-side with villagers who are using micro-lending to pull themselves out of abject poverty. In the county jail in Benton Harbor, Michigan, they were behind bars with the inmates — mothers whose lives, and...

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