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Latest verified information about Syrian hostages

The following is to my knowledge the latest most reliable information about Syrian hostages.

Upended expectations in encountering the homeless

Unexpected transformations are occurring as volunteers provide haircuts for the homeless in the shadows of St. Peters.

Catholic News Service profiles Vincentian Cardinal

He was among those whowrote to U.S. President Barack Obama urging him to adopt a strong “position and full pledge on sound climate change policy.”

Journey through Advent with Pope’s daily homilies

Journey through Advent with Pope’s daily homilies – Now that’s an idea!

History of Papal Peacemaking

History of Papal Peacemaking

Francis X. Rocca of the Catholic News Service  writes, ... On the first visit by a pope to the United Nations, in 1965, Pope Paul VI memorably called for "No more war, war never again." Blessed John Paul II was a constant campaigner for peace, calling the interfaith...

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