Does “Good News” Call for Change?

Do we realize that personal transformation is the seed for systemic change?

Daughters of Charity use Narnia Chronicles to evangelize

Some might be surprised that the Daughters of Charity use Narnia Chronicles to evangelize teenagers. Yet that is exactly what they do in the Province of St. Vincent Spain and... they involve 3,500 children the game. Some highlights from the Daughters of Charity...

Know the date of your Baptism?

 Do you know the date of your baptism? This was a question he asked as he began a new series of catecheses on the Sacraments in St. Peter’s Square, focusing today on the Sacrament of Baptism according to Zenit... “Baptism is the sacrament in which our faith is founded...

250+ bishops to catechize at WYD

More than 250 bishops of different nationalities will develop and deepen the theme of World Youth Day (WYD Rio2013) during three mornings of catechesis. Selected by the Pontifical Council for the Laity (PCL), there will be stationed at a different catechesis location...
WYD Rio 2013 – 273 catechesis events

WYD Rio 2013 – 273 catechesis events

According to the official website of World Youth Day Rio - Churches, halls, gymnasiums and auditoriums have been reserved for catechesis during WYD Rio2013. The 273 events are divided in ten different regions in Rio de Janeiro and neighboring dioceses, called...

Who’s going to Vincentian WYD in Rio?

Who’s going to Vincentian WYD in Rio?

The website writes..."With great joy we share with you the registrations made up to now (Feb 2013): SSVP (NATIONAL) - 156 VOLUNTEERS-  87 JMV (INTERTACIONAL) - 50 SSVP (INTERNATIONAL) - 42  JMV (NATIONAL) - 32 DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY - 25  CM - 8...

WYD Vincentian Family Catechesis

WYD Vincentian Family Catechesis

FAMVIN 2013 is the official source for information and multimedia about the Vincentian Family Gathering in the context of World Youth Day in Rio this summer. The following "Catechesis" are now available for download. 1 “Come and see: how good it is being together as...

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