Carol Keehan

Sr. Carol Keehan to Retire as Head of Catholic Health Association Next June

Sr. Carol Keehan, a Daughter of Charity, has announced her retirement as president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, effective June 30, 2019. Named to the post in 2005, Keehan said in an Oct. 30 statement that it has been "an incredible...

Honoring Sr. Carol Keehan DC

Carol Keehan will be honored as one who has demonstrated a significant commitment to leadership for social justice grounded in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola,

Global Sisters Report features Carol Keehan, DC

Global Sisters Report features Carol Keehan, DC on Hait and meetings with Pope Francis

Changing the conversation without saying a word

In a thoughtful piece on the website of the Catholic Health Association Father Synder concludes “Pope Francis is changing the conversation — and he’s changing it for good.” He captures many of the paradoxes of this person who has rocketed to the top of the celebrity ranks.

A Conversation With Sister Carol Keehan DC

Sr. Carol Keehan – HHS Conflict Resolution

"Catholic health care is being challenged by “divisions in the church” but what is needed is a more “humble and discerning approach,” said Sister Carol Keehan, leader of the Catholic Health Association, in an interview prior to her speaking engagement on the campus of...

“A Vincentian Focus on Health Care in the USA”

Sr. Carol Keehan, DC presented  "A Vincentian Focus on Health Care in the USA" at the Annual Assembly of the Ladies of Charity. Among the major points... A review of Vincent's concern for the poor and how made their plight visible to those in power even at the cost of...

Bishops Urge Congress to Fix, Not Repeal Health Law

The U.S. Supreme Court's June 28 decision upholding the health reform law makes it even more urgent for Congress to act to fix the law's "fundamental flaws" on abortion funding, conscience protection and immigrants' access to health care, the U.S. bishops said.   "The...

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