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SVDP International reports on WYD

The international site of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul post the following information on their participation in World Youth Day. The Vincentian Youth Meetings started at night on the 18th July. A thousand members representing 22 countries throughout the world...

WYD – Philippine SVDP Youth perspective

Karl Michael Hila, Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s (SSVP) National Council of the Philippines director for youth development was one of the 1,000 Vincentian youth from all the continents of the world who gathered for the three-day meeting which focused on giving...

Vincentian Missionary Spirit (rev. 2)

The following video version of  highlights from Fr. Gregory Gay's presentation to Vincentian youth gathered  in Belo Horizonte on the occasion of World Youth Day. See the full text in PDF format GGG-EIJV-catechesis-ENG

Vincentians dancing at Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This video certainly demonstrates the energy.  
Vincentian youth pray/reflect before WYD

Vincentian youth pray/reflect before WYD

Vincentians pray for mission Friday at the International Vincentian Youth (EIJV) began with morning prayer for a missionary spirit. "The Vincentian Youth are invited to embrace the mission of Christ Youth.Living the dynamics of dispossession to embrace the brothers in...

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