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Evangelizing in a Crisis… with JOY?!

Our Founders and Pope Francis seem to agree that in a time of crisis there is need: For calmness, For spiritual resources, For dramatic action

Solidarity Across the Centuries – New Series!

A new series that explores and develops the themes that Father Barquin highlights in his extensive work, Vincentian Elements in Evangelii Gaudium.

Saturday Study Hall – Our favorite phrases

Phrase we have used in the Vincentian Family... do we know where they came from and what is their context? Leave God for God Turn the medal The poor are our Lords and masters Affective and effective love The poor evangelize us The poor are our judges The following...

Poverty – phantom with a thousand faces

Santiago Barquín, CM writes, "Poverty, misery or want is a phantom with a thousand faces that vents its fury primarily among the majority of people who live in what is referred to as the Third World and among the pockets of poor people living on the fringes of the...
Visiting the poor as pilgrimage

Visiting the poor as pilgrimage

"The most evangelical and most essential pilgrimage for Christians is the one we undertake when we go out to encounter and serve those who are poor. It is in the poor that we encounter the compassionate and merciful God and therefore the poor become the goal of this...

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