A Cheat-Sheet for Discerners of Religious Life

She is now Sr. Amanda. She was once simply Amanda Kerns. She offered “A Cheat-Sheet for Discerners of Religious Life” at about the halfway point of her transition to Sr. Amanda.

17,000 Daughters of Charity make a “wave”

I never thought of  17,000 Daughters making an international "wave" until I read Sr. Amanda Kerns recent post on Drink Deeply, My daughter. Nor did I realize that on average there are 208 Daughters in some 80 plus countries on five continents! Thanks Amanda! Today,...

It’s (Not) The End

It's (Not) The End writes Soon-to-be Sister Amanda, DC...  After a year and a half of writing about my formation journey with the Daughters of Charity, I'll be ending this blog. Well, sort of. Actually, I'll be suspending it - "ending" just sounded more dramatic and...

Why join a so-called “dying community”?

Amanda Kern writes, "The question is.....why would a healthy 20-something join a community like this, a community where the average age is in the 70s, a community where she may soon see Sisters she knows and loves forget who she is? Why not join a community where the...

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