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Throughout my life I have sensed — thanks to my parents, family, friends, through the school, the parish — how my name was tattooed in the palm of God's hand. How is this? Because it is not a feeling, but an experience. It is difficult to explain, but very real. I...

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The Holiness Quotient

The Holiness Quotient (Lk 2: 25-40) The initials “EQ.” Different from IQ, meaning Intelligence Quotient which measures mental ability, they stand for Emotional Quotient and refer to the degree to which one person can read the feelings and mood of another -- or more...

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Change of Mind, Heart and Behavior

Jesus embodies the change of mind, heart and behavior that the Gospel entails.  The kingdom of God belongs to those who conform to this change and clothe themselves with Jesus. With the arrest of John the Baptist, a painful change enters his life.  But God does not...

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