Vincentian Family

International Association of Charities: Over 400 Years in the Service of our Neighbors #famvin2024

The origin of the International Association of Charities (AIC) dates back to a Sunday in August 1617 in Châtillon, France. During a mass, Saint Vincent de Paul called upon his congregation to assist a needy family.

The Sons of Charity elect a new General Council

The Sons of Charity are a religious congregation under pontifical right , founded by Father Anizan at Christmas 1918.

It’s Called Fairness

A three-year-old screams “It’s not fair” when she thinks her brother gets something she doesn’t.  Another child cries out the same when told it’s time for bed while an older sibling stays up.

World Refugee Day 2024: a Day of Reflection on the Plight of Refugees

The definition of refugee also includes stateless persons, returnees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons (within their own country).