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Save our Ocean, Protect our Future

World leaders, scientists, and more will be gathering in Lisbon, Portugal to from June 27 – July 1, 2022 to deliberate on “scaling up ocean action based on science and innovation” to “conserve and sustainably us the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.”

The 66th Commission on the Status of Women – The Process of Arriving at Agreed Conclusions

Following the adoption of the Agreed Conclusions by the Commission many Member States made statements which included the phrase ‘historic’ describing the content of this response to the priority theme.

Pentecost Prayer Meeting for the Vincentian Family Worldwide

Beginning Sunday, June 5, a Pentecost prayer specially prepared for the Vincentian Family will be available on the famvin YouTube channel.

Interview of Leidy Johanna Artunduaga, leader of the Vincentian Foundation “Louise de Marillac” (Colombia)

The moral and Christian formation of its members and, in light of the Gospel, service on behalf of the poor, especially the elderly is the FUNDAMENTAL BASE of the foundation.

When does change begin in Haiti?

"Until people affected by hardship can put their own efforts behind their recovery, change never really begins. " So writes a Zafèn lender the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. From a Zafèn press release... As the world’s attention returns to Haiti to mark a...

Know our Vincentian Family Tree?

VinFormation provides an interactive graphic based on the work of Sr. Betty Ann McNeil, DC which traces in exact detail the roots of the entire Vincentian Family worldwide. The Family Tree Project shows that ninety-nine founders designated Vincent de Paul as patron of...

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