Vincentian Family

The 5 P’s….Plus 1

This program for a better world for all is built around 5 P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships:

Vincentian Family Statement on the Crisis in the Middle East

The Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations is a coalition of representatives of religious, spiritual, and ethical non-governmental organizations who are dedicated to the pursuit of peace, understanding and mutual respect. The international Vincentian Family...

Themes for our common advocacy on homelessness

IGH staff had the privilege of attending and presenting at the CISCAL “Situation de Calle en América Latina” conference in Mexico City in October.

We Have More Troubles Than Ever – What Must Be Done?

“We have more troubles here than ever.” These words could easily be said today, couldn’t it? But these words were not spoken on the news this morning…

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