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Advent Letter 2023 by Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM

Advent gives us the opportunity to strengthen the foundations of our lives by revitalizing these two daily moments of grace, or to start making them, from this Advent on, a way toward seeing the face of Jesus clearly “here and now” and in its fullness for all eternity!

The 5 P’s….Plus 1

This program for a better world for all is built around 5 P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships:

Vincentian Family Statement on the Crisis in the Middle East

The Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations is a coalition of representatives of religious, spiritual, and ethical non-governmental organizations who are dedicated to the pursuit of peace, understanding and mutual respect. The international Vincentian Family...

Themes for our common advocacy on homelessness

IGH staff had the privilege of attending and presenting at the CISCAL “Situation de Calle en América Latina” conference in Mexico City in October.

Christmas Cards…. images of friends

Christmas Cards…. images of friends

Before You Get Rid of Those Christmas Cards…. Susan Stabile writes, "As I was contemplating putting away all of the Christmas ornaments, I was reminded of the opening of Fr. Rolf Tollefson’s sermon on January 1. He shared that he had been spending time the last...

From “setbacks” to “blessings”

Each year Lynn L’Heureux, Special needs co-coordinator & Advisor of the Society of St Vincent de Paul Calgary Alberta Canada, and her husband look forward to delivering Christmas hampers or baskets for those who fall through the cracks at Christmas. This year she...

FAMVIN top ten searches

FAMVIN top ten searches

Among the top 2012 searches on the various sites of the FAMVIN project... Most popular Vincentian posts on Famvin News       Searching for quotations St. Vincent quotes       Searching for information on the Vincentian Family Vincentian Family Calendar Vincentian...

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