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The GOD minute

A new podcast series to fuel your prayer – The God Minute

Lenten Reflection On Fasting, by Sister of Charity (Video)

Sister Rejane Cytacki, SCL, generously shares some great ideas about fasting from “time-eaters”– those things that take our focus away from our prayer relationship with God.

Mary’s Digital Home “Liked” By Almost 3 Million People

Do you know the address of the Facebook page that has been “liked” by 2.9 million people?

Surprised Into Prayer By the Vincentian Film Festival

I must admit “Finding Charity in Art: The Challenge of the Vincentian Festival”  surprised me into prayer! “

Blogging for Others

In a little blog called "The Known Soul" I encountered this. After the distractions fade away, what are we left with? What sorts of things have we glanced past while we run around all day long? It was one evening a few weeks ago that I looked outside, and saw the...

#famvin400 Who am I?

A Vincentian wants to know the answer to the question, "Who am I?" Too often, we only answer the question, "What have I done?" Part of preparing for the coming 400th anniversary year is coming to know ourselves in God's eyes. Are we willing to look deeply? Listen to...

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