Conflict in Ukraine

New Year’s Message From Depaul’s CEO Matthew Carter

My first visit to Ukraine will stay with me forever. In times of crisis, it is always incredible to witness how communities and individuals come together to play such a pivotal part in helping those around them.

Ukraine: a Mission of Peace and Charity

On 7 and 8 December, on neutral ground (Hungary), the Council General International received a delegation of four Ukrainian SSVP ladies. As the airspace is blocked because of the war, there are no flights in the Ukraine, so the delegation travelled by train and car to meet us. 

The Nun Rebuilding Homes and Hope in Ukraine

For many Ukrainians, their only thought now is how to survive the winter cold, which sometimes lasts until even April, with temperatures going as low as -25° C.

Spread a Little Christmas Joy in Ukraine

As we look forward to gathering with family and friends in the comfort, warmth, and safety of our own homes this Christmas, our thoughts naturally turn to  those less fortunate.

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