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The Pope Video • Young People in Africa

This month, the Pope asks us to pray that young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries. Pope Francis - September 2018 Africa is a wealthy continent, and its greatest, most...

Imagine if Telling the Truth Made You Homeless

Imagine for a moment that you were faced with the experience of being homeless and had nowhere else to turn. And you chose that.

Twitter Screamed

Yesterday, Twitter screamed about new revelations of sexual abuse, cover ups and abuse of power.

The Pope Video • The Treasure of Families

This month, the Pope asks us to pray: Together, let us ask Jesus that any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity. Pope Francis - August 2018 ...
Pope Francis and the Gifts of Lent

Pope Francis and the Gifts of Lent

Is it that time already? Yes, it is! Lent is just a few weeks away and Pope Francis has released his thoughts for Lent and its gifts. “The Word Is a Gift. Other Persons Are a Gift” In Lent he invites us to: rediscover the gift of God’s word, be purified of the sin...

The Pope Video • In the Service of Peace

The Pope Video: Welcome the Needy

Welcome the Needy, which is part of "The Pope Video" series promoted by the Vatican, was released Thursday, February 2. Every month we will see a new two-minute video from Pope Francis with his intentions and a motivating message. [youtube...

Four Soon-to-be Saints Who Were Born in the USA

Four Soon-to-be Saints Who Were Born in the USA

Living in the United States, it is easy to get the false impression that saints only come from Europe, especially if someone attends daily Mass — the liturgy celebrates the lives of numerous holy men and women who lived in a place and time very much removed from our...

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