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The Cost of “Preferential Option for the Poor”

Forty years ago, four women gave their lives as part of their preferential option for the poor. Read their own words. It should take just about 40 seconds.

Les Miserables – Vincentian Influences and Reflections

Les Miserables strikes a chord in Vincentians when they hear… To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo admired Vincent de Paul. He based the character of the Bishop on Vincent de Paul.

Voting As a Sacred Act: Prayer and Reflections

Together, let us join in prayer each day for peaceful and just elections using this prayer and reflection.

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Read as a Puzzle

In a beautiful document on the call to human community, Pope Francis offers the “Good Samaritan” as a lens through which we can look at the many serious problems of a polarized and insensitive world.

US Bishops Labor Day Statement

US Bishops Labor Day Statement

Archbishop Wenski describes US Bishops Labor Day Statement reiterating Pope Francis’ call for an inclusive economy
Says college debt, lack of stable jobs keeping young people from starting families
Calls for increased solidarity, more and better jobs, immigration reform

State of the World 2011 – Hunger

Known for tackling the most pressing issues that face our world, the Worldwatch Institute has dedicated the 2011 edition of its flagship report to a compelling look at the global food crisis, with particular emphasis on what innovators globally can do to help solve a...

Catholic Social Ministry Gathering – USCCB

This year’s Catholic Social Ministry Gathering theme Protecting Human Life and Dignity: Promoting a Just Economy, observes the 120th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's release of the encyclical “Rerum Novarum.”  The Vincentian Family has been very present in recent years....

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