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The Cost of “Preferential Option for the Poor”

Forty years ago, four women gave their lives as part of their preferential option for the poor. Read their own words. It should take just about 40 seconds.

Les Miserables – Vincentian Influences and Reflections

Les Miserables strikes a chord in Vincentians when they hear… To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo admired Vincent de Paul. He based the character of the Bishop on Vincent de Paul.

Voting As a Sacred Act: Prayer and Reflections

Together, let us join in prayer each day for peaceful and just elections using this prayer and reflection.

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Read as a Puzzle

In a beautiful document on the call to human community, Pope Francis offers the “Good Samaritan” as a lens through which we can look at the many serious problems of a polarized and insensitive world.

The surprising history of Mother’s Day!

The surprising history of Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day began as a protest against violence. View this brief video reflection on Mothers Day presented by Worship House Media Mothers Day Central offers the following background.. History of American Celebration When the first English settlers came to America,...

Canonize Archbishop Romero?

Canonize Archbishop Romero?

In case you were wondering what  Archbishop Romero had to confront over the last three years of his life here is a list of what he faced and sought to respond to pervasive and extreme poverty; to paramilitary killings of community leaders; to peasant massacres and the...

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Advocate Mark Horvath says "I Dare You to Watch This Short Video on Veteran Homelessness" On any given night, nearly 633,782 people in the United States experience homelessness -- over 60,000 of them veterans. This must-see video from @home is the very best...

Bishops say immigration reform now

USCCB President Says ‘Now Is The Time’ To Reform Immigration System Cardinal Dolan: Suffering of migrants must end Path to citizenship should be improved and families protected Enforcement should guarantee basic human rights WASHINGTON—Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New...

An option that is not an option

An option that is not an option

http://catholicmoraltheology.com/an-option-thats-not-optional-the-preferential-option-for-the-poor/ An Option that’s not Optional: The Preferential Option for the Poor BY: MEGHAN CLARK Over the last month, as talk has returned to budgets and sequesters, deficits and...

Srs. of Charity Nazareth – Justice Concerns

Insight – SCN Advocacy

Nazareth Mahila Samithi found this video on Youtube, "A Documentary on the Charitable NGO of SCN Sisters, Delhi" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s3QhcuVbiU&feature=youtu.be For more information contact Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Office of Global Ministries...

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