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Articles in Homelessness

Homeless Persons and “Listening”

We all know Pope Francis is advocating for “listening church.” How might listening apply in our efforts with the homeless community?

Your choice! – “Bridge” or “soft incarceration”?

I have read about the need for shelters and rapid rehousing. But Robert Davis, writing for Invisible People, captured an insight in two metaphors – “Bridge” and “soft incarceration.”

Rejoicing In Success – Challenged To Do More

So far, 44 branches of the Vincentian Family have engaged actively in the FHA and the 13 Houses Campaign. It is now present in 44 countries; 1826 houses have been built, and 6628 people have been helped.

Why Does She Stay?

“Why does she stay?” It’s a simple question. The answer is not. Bottom line… If a victim must choose between abuse in their home or the high risk of abuse on the street, it’s a stretch to think they are better off on the street.

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