Do What The Son Of God Did • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"To be true Daughters of Charity you must do what the Son of God did when He was on earth. And what did He do mainly? [...] He worked constantly for His neighbor, visiting and healing the sick and instructing the ignorant for their salvation. How fortunate you are,...

Four Methods of Prayer for Vincentians

Slide presentation based on the article “Mental Prayer: Yesterday and Today – Some Reflections on the Vincentian Tradition” by Father Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Revisiting – Are You an Original or a Photocopy?

Before we tackle that question … who framed that question?

A Vincentian View: Be Vincentian, Be a Listener

Each year at St. John’s University we celebrate Founder’s Week from September 20-27. 

How Did America Get So Mean?

How Did America Get So Mean?

Noted columnist David Brooks caught my attention! In a September 2023 reflection in the Atlantic Monthly (Subscription required), he wrote Over the past eight years or so, I’ve been obsessed with two questions.  The first is: Why have Americans become so sad? … My second, related question is: Why have Americans become so mean? 

Supreme Value of the Kingdom of God

Supreme Value of the Kingdom of God

On top of being the scribe who is trained in the kingdom of heaven, Jesus embodies also the supreme value that this kingdom is. The teaching is clear that the kingdom of heaven is the supreme value.  For there is this saying:  “Seek first the kingdom of God and his...

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