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Detaching From Our Ways

This year, with the pandemic, many more of us have become more grounded in the reality of essential workers or front-line workers.

Walking With Gregory To DePaul USA

As I read this story about Gregory’s journey, I tried to walk with him one of God’s sons as he found a welcome at Depaul USA in Macon Georgia.

A Vincentian View: The Vincentian Way to Minister

Vincent instructs them with the directive that they cannot think of themselves as set apart for the physical care of the poor nor for their spiritual wellbeing.

Vincent’s Secret Sauce for Change

If Vincent had a secret sauce what might be the main ingredient?

Community of Christian Believers

Community of Christian Believers

Christ is alive! And those who keep him in the center belong to his community. They have the breath of the Holy Spirit and are true to their mission. Peter and the other disciple saw, and the latter believed besides. Mary Magdalen also told the disciples, “I have seen...

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