A Time to Withdraw to the Wilderness

I remember what a priest once shared, during the season of Advent, on how his mother prepared her children for the celebration of Christmas. This mother, though she was an illiterate and simple woman, had a very unique way of preparing her children for Christmas. On...

Simple, Not Hidden • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"Another thing that recommends simplicity to us in a wonderful way are those words of Our Lord: 'I confess to you, Father, because you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and have revealed them to little ones.' I acknowledge this, Father, and thank You...

The Herald of Good Tidings

In the liturgical readings of the season of advent the book of Isaiah has a prominent place. Especially the passage, (Isa 40:1-11) in which we read about the voice which commands the herald of good tidings to “Cry out.” It is a solemn command to announce the good news...

Vincentian Advent Reflections 2023 – Week 1

A beautiful reflection about “gift-giving”.

Walk before the Lord with Faith

Seek earnestly the light of the nations

God reveals himself to the Gentiles who seek him with all their heart. He offers them the opportunity to be “coheirs, members of the same body, and copartners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel.” The Magi, wise for knowing how to recognize humbly that...

Walk before the Lord with Faith

Gaze that brings life and makes holy

God’s gaze is on the lowly. He wants to turn slaves into adopted children. But how do those favored with God’s glance prove themselves? Possessing a penetrating gaze, God bypasses someone with an impressive appearance. He takes from the pasture the youngest, the last,...

Walk before the Lord with Faith

Family of an unusual love

God wants us, who belong to his family now, to love to the end. Interestingly, bêt’āb in Hebrew, literally “the father’s house,” is translated too as “family,” which indicates the patriarchal character of the Hebrew family. But, of course, there is in God no male...

What Can I Give?

What Can I Give? This is to give the greatest gift: to go out from ones self and to enter the world of the “other,” is to understand the meaning of Christmas. For this journey, there are five virtues, seen by Vincent as those characteristic of Jesus,...

Can I go to them?

Can I go to them?

Can I go to them? This is the question Pope Francis asked when he learned that three people were killed in a neighborhood of Bangui, capital of the war-torn Central African Republic. It wasn’t in the schedule so the Pope immediately asked the Nuncio: ‘can I go, can I...

Walk before the Lord with Faith

Savior and Messiah and Lord of all

The Savior comes with a great light to save us in an unexpected way. Now appears the grace of God. Though he may dictate to the whole world, Caesar Augustus does not save, nor does governor Quirinius, an opportunist among many, not even king David, who gives renown to...

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