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Faith: an Act of Will • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

Dear friend, you are continually starting on long and fatiguing journeys that are not without danger to your health, already so severely tried. Bear, then, with my anxiety. You say you are seeking to create new sources of interest for yourself, and, with that great...

Trials of Life

There is an interesting conversation between St. Vincent and St. Louise which I read many years back in a book about St. Vincent. The topic of conversation was,” why God allows sufferings in our life?”. Vincent tells to Louise, that “God can be compared to a sculptor...

The Pile of Rocks: A Camino Reflection

I picked up a rock from the shore of Lake Superior to leave on a mountain in the north of Spain. That’s normal, right? This wasn’t just any rock. It was the most-perfect skipping rock, and though Lake Superior produces many skipping rocks, this one fit my hand just...

Millennials, Vincent and His 5 Values

A church characterized by the five virtues of Vincent de Paul might appeal to millennials and “nones”.

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