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We need to work smarter

The poor deserve more than good-hearted amateurs.   They deserve experts.

Wisdom that Is Hard to Resist and Believe

Jesus has the wisdom in speaking that his adversaries will be powerless to resist or refuse. The Pharisees love it when people recognize their wisdom and call them teachers.  And they are wise, undoubtedly, as the tricky question they address to Jesus through theirs...

What Rich Man will be Saved? • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

We need not dwell on those amongst them who are better off [at Lyonnais Street]; those who, for six persons, can supply two beds, into which are huddled pellmell the sick and the healthy, boys of eighteen with girls of sixteen. Let's not talk about the ruin of the...

A Call from Vincent at Rome: “You will be on the right path!”

"You will be on the right path, the path that will lead you to the highest point of happiness and meaning in your life."   Calling to all people to join the grand movement of the Vincentian Family, its spiritual animator -- today's St. Vincent --  Fr. Tomaž...

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