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Symposium 2017 • Testimonies from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and people involved in the earthquake in Italy

Antonio Gianfico, National President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, presented testimonies during the papal audience at the Symposium of the Vincentian Family, the 14th of October, the work of solidarity that the Vincentians had don in favor of those affected...

The Vincentian Charism and Liberation

An interesting e-book called “Vincent de Paul and Liberation” is available for download.

Vincent truly believed in partnership in the church

Vincent truly believed in partnership in the church and that is why he listened, learned and trusted the instincts and wisdom of Louise. Together they imagined and gave birth to a movement that has inspired us all.

Niagara Wire receives letter from KKK @NiagaraUniv #IamVincent @NiagaraWire

Student newspapers are one of the places you're likely to meet Vincentians. Today I met Ferrah Staley, who penned the following article for the Niagara "Wire." Ferrah is like Frederic Ozanam. She wrote, responding to this: by Ferrah Staley and Gabrielle Jackson Our...

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