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Recounting The Good News (Lk 24:13-35)

While not as central to faith as The Lord’s “doing this in remembrance of Me,” the recollecting we Vincentians do has its own way of bringing past graces into the now.

The Acts of the Apostles Are About Us – Today

We can read the Acts of the Apostles as interesting history detached from our lives. Or we can read them as stories about real people  – people like ourselves, people facing the same issues we do today.

Remember Jesus, His Works and Words

Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and the Son of Mary, has risen! We should remember him and also preach him as our Good News (2 Tim 2, 8). We Christians love Jesus Christ although we have not seen him. And even though we do not see him now yet we believe in him...

Vincentian Prayer Images: Can We Hear God’s Consoling Word?

Are we prepared to hear God’s consoling word when it is simply saying “I am with you in the midst of this?

Meeting between Jesus and His People

Meeting between Jesus and His People

Jesus is the fullness of revelation. Meeting him, we meet God. We also meet ourselves, for he lays bare the thoughts of our hearts. But we must welcome him first. The presentation of Jesus in the temple means the meeting of God’s Anointed with his people. And his...

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