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Vincent’s Secret Sauce for Change

If Vincent had a secret sauce what might be the main ingredient?

Defender, One in Three, of the Helpless

Just like his Father, Jesus gives justice to those in need and defends the rights of the poor. Still and all, he gets them another Defender. Jesus lifts up his own. They are sad as he says goodbye. And they have the hunch that woe is coming. Is it time to strike the...

Vincentian Prayer Images: Lamps Lit

What enabled Vincent to keep his lamps lit in the face of trgedy? What can we learn from him?

Volunteering; Vincentian Style, in a Time of Fundraising Fears

Globally, in the shutdown, fundraising has dwindled, and many charities are in crisis – including those of our Vincentian Family.

Look at People as Jesus Looks at Them

Look at People as Jesus Looks at Them

Jesus looks at people as the One who has sent him looks at them. If we look as he does, we shall have the light of life and do good works. Jesus and his followers do not look at the man blind from birth in the same way. On the one hand, the disciples take blindness as...

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