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Ihor, a life changed amidst the pandemic in Ukraine

Ihor worked as a storekeeper at a metal warehouse. However, just before the quarantine measures were implemented, the owner fired Ihor from his job.

The Pope Video • Compassion for the World

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: Compassion for the World.

Trinity – From Puzzle To Be Solved To Model To Be Lived

It has been a journey from Trinity as a puzzle to Trinity as a model for my life.

The Pope’s Ambulance

Donating an ambulance dedicated to serving the medical emergencies of the homeless is but the latest expression of his sensitivity to their needs.

Remember Jesus, His Works and Words

Remember Jesus, His Works and Words

Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and the Son of Mary, has risen! We should remember him and also preach him as our Good News (2 Tim 2, 8). We Christians love Jesus Christ although we have not seen him. And even though we do not see him now yet we believe in him...

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