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Vincentian Solidarity Against COVID-19

Vincentian solidarity against COVID-19: 13 Houses Campaign and Coronavirus The "13 Houses" Campaign is expanding due to COVID-19 to support the poorest of the poor and the homeless. All monies raised by the Famvin Homeless Alliance through Depaul International will be...

Setting Out

We meet two people setting out on a journey, both with God in mind.

Identity Politics In the Early Church

We often read Acts 6 with a focus on the institution of the diaconate without realizing that the underlying problem was one of race, class, etc. Let’s read Acts 6 as a solution to the identity politics in the early church.

Show Jesus so as to Show the Father

Jesus reveals the Father. We Christians must be like him to show him and the Father. The followers of Jesus show worry. For he tells them that one of them will betray him. And another, who says he will die for him, will deny him. Besides, they recently heard him speak...
True to His Mission until Death

True to His Mission until Death

Jesus is the one whom God has sent to bring the Good News to the poor. He endures the cross to stay true to his mission. And he wants us to be like him. Jesus enters Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowds. They hail him “the Son of David.” They welcome him as the true...

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