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Modern Slavery – Human Trafficking

Modern slavery – It’s happening all around us in places we might visit on a regular basis

Homelessness and COVID-19 in an International Context

This blog provides a snapshot of how different countries, systems and cultures are responding to the impact of COVID on homeless populations.

The Pope Video • The Maritime World

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: The Maritime World.

Please Don’t Tell Anyone

Why did Jesus tell them not to tell anyone? Was it possible he realized that at that point, they would jump to wrong conclusions?

Alone, Without Jesus We Do Sink

Alone, Without Jesus We Do Sink

Jesus does not leave us alone especially in tough times.  He stretches out his hand and catches us, so that we may not sink. The disciples go ahead by themselves in a boat.  Meanwhile, Jesus dismisses the crowds.  He, then, goes up on the mountain by himself to pray. ...

Work and a Dignified Life

Work and a Dignified Life

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted the world, has led us to a greater appreciation of men and women who engage in various professions that are socially indispensable, although the individuals who carry them out are rarely worthily remunerated.

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