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Vincentian Prayer Images: Walking Through Each Day with St. Vincent X

St. Vincent told the Daughters of Charity: “Go to Holy Mass every day, but do so with deep devotion…”

Turning Point in Your Life. From the Smallest Beginnings

How many of you can point exactly to when things changed for the better in your lives?

The “Before” and the “After” of the Ascension

The question “why are you looking at the sky?” is addressed to us today. Today, we are those dazed apostles looking up rather than within and around ourselves.

Martha Justice Ministry

Martha Justice Ministry is a continuation of how the Marthas live Gospel Hospitality through social justice and creation care.

Heaven, Where the Risen Christ Is

Heaven, Where the Risen Christ Is

Jesus went up to heaven and sits at the right hand of God.  That is why we gaze on him, the same one who also came down to earth. To rise with Christ means to seek what is in heaven (Col 3, 1).  But after the ascension, the eleven go forth to preach.  Is it due to...

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