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Articles in Formation

The Origin of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Bringing together two worlds that did not know each other

This was the crisis situation in which 7 young men stood up and decided “to go to the margins”. This is a dramatic, very moving and very topical story, with many parallels between that period and our own.

Diaries of a Vincentian: A spoonful of hope! 5ml of vodka at a time

Mary searched my face for judgement. She really wanted to tell me her story of homelessness without feeling a gaze of disapproval.

Our God is Rich in Mercy: What does that Mean for the Missionary?

Let us consider the implications for the missionary of a God who is “rich in mercy.”

Ladies of Charity Advocacy: Election 2020, Resources from

Ladies of Charity USA Advocacy Committee shares two more resources for your consideration.

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