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A Vincentian View: Reconciliation

St. John’s University, where I work, planned a prayer service around the theme of “Unity and Hope” in order to address the issue of racism that has dominated our country’s thinking in the past weeks

Laudato Si – A Call To Change Our Way of Thinking

Do you think it is possible to capture the essence of Laudato SI in one cartoon or just five words?

Illusions about Our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus is the Suffering Servant of the Lord. Those who truly know him do not have illusions about him. The Teacher gives the Twelve full disclosure. For he does not want them to have illusions about how much it costs to be an apostle. After all, this is what calling...

Vincentian Prayer Images: Recognizing the Frederics In Our Midst

Do we recognize this generation’s Frederic and friends in our midst today?

Be Love to Know God Who Is Love

Be Love to Know God Who Is Love

Out of love, Jesus lays down his life for us sinners. No one, then, loves us more. He is the best proof that to be God is to be love. Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night. “Night” may mean he seeks light. Is he wrestling with “to be or not to be?” A question of salvation...

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