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Under-utilized Ways of Being God’s Story-tellers

How conscious are we of being both God’s story and God’s storytellers… and of the many ways we can tell God’s story to a world desparetly in need of Good News?

Meeting between Jesus and His People

Jesus is the fullness of revelation. Meeting him, we meet God. We also meet ourselves, for he lays bare the thoughts of our hearts. But we must welcome him first. The presentation of Jesus in the temple means the meeting of God’s Anointed with his people. And his...

Vincentian Prayer Images: Extend Your Hand To Guide Me

Even when I think I see, extend your merciful hand to guide me along the right path.

Salvation for the Poor

If we are true imitators of Jesus Christ (“Christians”) then we have to act in the same way that Jesus acted: we must enthusiastically proclaim good news and freedom and joy to those men and women who are in need.

Who Is a “Real” Christian?

Who Is a “Real” Christian?

I hear a lot of arguments about who is a “real”  Christian or Catholic. Sometimes they sound suspiciously like the platforms of one or the other political party. They often remind me of Paul’s words. “Whenever someone says, “I belong to Paul,” and another, “I belong...

Necessary, Only Jesus Is Necessary

Necessary, Only Jesus Is Necessary

Only Jesus is necessary.  The men and the women who hear and follow him make the right choice that no one can take away from them. Jesus says that it is necessary that he suffers greatly in Jerusalem.  And in due time he makes up his mind to go there.  But on the way...

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