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Racism and Humankind

We, the members of the Vincentian Family in the United States of America firmly state: the lives of men and women of color matter; they are our concern and our sorrow.

Bl. Marguerite Rutan, D.C.

Blessed Marguerite Rutan was a French Daughter of Charity who served as the mother superior of a hospital until the time of the French Revolution, when she was executed based on allegations of fanaticism and anti-Revolution sentiment. Guillotined on 9 April 1794 at...

Who You Calling a Vincentian”?

Who is a VIncentian? Is it an organization, a mindset, a federation of religious organizations? Let me suggest that it is a way of looking at things shared by a number of people.

Evictions: A Two-sided Problem!

Cynthia Griffith presents some stark facts about evictions faced by both renters and landlords.

Eat and Drink for Everlasting Life

Eat and Drink for Everlasting Life

Jesus gives us his flesh to eat and his blood to drink. He fills and strengthens us pilgrims who are on the way to eternal life. Jesus gives his disciples his body to eat, and asks them, “Do this in remembrance of me.” Then, he gives them his blood to drink, and tells...

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