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The Vincentian Charism, Vincentian Spirituality and our Way of Life Part 1 #IamVincent

Listen and learn about our Our Way of Life, and about five characteristics of Vincentian spirituality that everyone who wants to say #IamVincent needs to practice. This presentation was given during the Latin American Encounter of the Vincentian Family, Guatemala –...

Vincent de Paul: From the Greatest to the Least – God is There

"In addition to this general work, He toils with each individual: with the craftsman in his shop, with the woman in her household, with the ant and the bee to do their collecting, and He does so constantly and continually. And why does He labor? For us, dear Sisters,...

Attuned To The Fear of the Lord

Attuned To “The Fear of the Lord” (Isaiah 11:1-5; Lk. 10: 21) In Isaiah’s description of the special one God will send (“A shoot from the stump of Jesse”), he lists a number of qualities this person will have. Wisdom, understanding, strength, and so forth. But one of...

Systemic Change Requires Critical Thinking

If we are to take seriously St. John Paul II’s challenge to Vincentians about finding long-term solutions we need to develop critical thinking skills.

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