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A Vincentian Minute: Vincentian Educational Values – Part 1

In this series Fr. Rooney explores the Values of Vincentian Education proposed by Daughter of Charity Sr. Louise Sullivan.

Whose Plan is it Anyway?

Children often ask me if me if I was born a ‘nun.’ I guess of all my sisters and brothers, I was perhaps the least likely candidate for that as we are growing up!

Crucible That Tests Our Hearts

Jesus is the only one that his disciples need to know and speak of.  From the cross, he proclaims that those who are his go through the crucible.  They thus get to be just like him. “The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, but the one that tests...

New Video: Saint Vincent, Priest of Charity at the Service of the Poor

Video based on an article by Alvaro Quevedo Patarroyo, C.M.: “Saint Vincent, Priest of Charity at the Service of the Poor: Caring for Spiritual and Temporal Needs.”

Listening to Jesus and following him

It was winter.  Jesus was walking through the portico of Solomon, one of the outdoor galleries surrounding the large esplanade of the Temple.  This portico, in particular, was a place frequented by people since it was apparently protected from the wind by a wall. ...

At dawn

Recorded in the epilogue of John’s gospel is an account of the risen Jesus’ meeting with his disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  It is written at the same time that Christians are living difficult moments of trial and persecution:  some are renouncing their...

From doubt to Faith

Modern man has learned to doubt.  It is the characteristic of our times to question everything in order to advance in scientific knowledge.  In this climate, faith is left discredited.  Man goes through life full of uncertainties and doubts.  Hence, we can connect...

Living in a world without Jesus

We have all experienced that awful moment when we realize that someone we love is no longer with us. In a guest post Susan Stabile invites us to enter into the experience of the disciples of Jesus - their world without Jesus. Today is Holy Saturday, the day on which...

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