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Stand Up and Go! (2 Kings, 5:14-17; Lk 17:11-19)

For all of us who have been through the pandemic, we know first-hand how disease and sickness have a way of separating us, how they can isolate and cut us off from the rest of life.

Growing Up – a Movement Becoming Aware of Itself

Have you ever watched time-lapse photography of the amazing process of a flower blooming or a moth becoming a butterfly?

Thanks to God through Jesus Christ

Jesus it is who teaches us by word and by deed to give to God the right thanks that we owe him for the gifts we freely receive. The Samaritan, who sees that he is free of leprosy and goes back to give Jesus thanks, breaks the mold.  For he is a foreigner that Jews...

Vincentian Prayer Images: “The Colors of Charity” • 18

This series is a visual memory of the art exhibition “The Colors of Charity,” which was on exhibit from 15 December 2017 to 25 February 2018 at the Collegio Alberoni of Piacenza.

Key to the kingdom

Thirty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (C), November 24, 2013 – 2 Sam 5, 1-3; Col 1, 12-20; Lk 23, 35-43 Did not God choose those who are poor to be heirs of the kingdom? (Jas 2, 5) The inscription announces Jesus the king of the...

Requirements to serve the poor

Requirements to serve the poor

Direct service of the poor requires serious, consistent self-examination, deep prayer, and willingness to be converted. So writes James Cormack, CM, in a vintage article in the archives Spirituality Today*. Direct service of the poor requires serious, consistent...

Worst, best

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (C), November 17, 2013 – Mal 3, 19-20a; 2 Thes 3, 7-12; Lk 21, 5-19 Rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor (Acts 5, 41) The vision of what is to come upon us relative to the end is alarming.  But we are urged...

Outside the box

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (C), November 10, 2013 – 2 Mac 7, 1-2. 9-14; 2 Thes 2, 16 – 3, 5; Lk 20, 27-38 What has not entered the human heart, God has revealed to us through the Spirit (1 Cor 2, 9. 10) Jesus was so rejected he ended up crucified.  Since no...

A children’s story

Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (C), November 3, 2013 – Wis 11, 22 – 12, 2; 2 Thes 1, 11 – 2, 2; Lk 19, 1-10 Unless you turn and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven (Mt 18, 3) Zacchaeus, like a smart kid, runs and climbs a...

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