Daughters of Charity Archives

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul Saint Joseph’s Provincial House Archives listed in Government Collection of Religious Archives. For a description of contents and accessibility see http://www.loc.gov/rr/main/religion/charity.html

Vincent and Yoga

VIncent as seen through the lens of yoga web site.”Vincent, with the help of his spiritual mentor, his dear “Guru,” overcame his obstacles to the life of Christ.” http://www.yogaworld.org/master/Vincent.htm

Life of St. Catherine Laboure

The Association of the Miraculous Medal site has a page “The Story of Saint Catherine Laboure” * The Early Life of Saint Catherine Laboure * The Apparitions of Saint Catherine Laboure * The Silent Life of Saint Catherine Laboure * A Prayer of Saint...

St Vincent de Paul's Spiritual Way

“St Vincent doesn’t offer us a spirituality, a teaching on prayer or the spiritual life. He offers us a Spiritual Way. He shows us how we can meet our God in our everyday experiences, in the events, the persons, the circumstances of our life. His Way is...

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