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Where is human dignity, I ask?

On Monday, May 9, 2022, Maya Davis, a graduating nursing student, gave the following sermon in our last Religion 399 African American Faith and Social Justice class. I asked Maya if I could share her words with the world. Let the words of her mouth and the meditations of her heart be acceptable, Oh Lord.

Five Faces of Mary

Father Robert Maloney, C.M. writes: “I offer these five Marian faces as a way of reflecting on the rich, varied tradition surrounding the Virgin Mary.”

Are Christians “Woke”… Or “Waking Up”?

Today we increasingly hear about being “woke.” In this Vincentian Mindwalk I will try to move beyond any narrow political meanings.

When Reality Hits “home”!

Mark Horvath has been trying to bring home the reality of homelessness for real people who are homeless.

Second thoughts

Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A), September 28, 2014 – Ez 18, 25-28; Phil 2, 1-11; Mt 21, 28-32 If there is any participation in the Spirit, any compassion and mercy (Phil 2, 1) Just like his Father, Jesus does not wish us sinners to die but to turn back to...

Jesus Christ, C.M.

Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A), September 21, 2014 – Is 55, 6-9; Phil 1, 20c-24. 27a; Mt 20, 1-16a Conduct worthy of the Gospel (Phil 1, 27) God wants all human beings to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Those who really know him and the...

Poisoning ourselves?

God greatly exalted him (Phil 2, 9) No one has greater faith than the one who, feeling totally forsaken and helpless, still commends his spirit into the hands of the Father. Whoever believes in this greatest Believer and catches his faith will be saved. Faith, in...

Truth to power

Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (A), September 7, 2014 – Ez 33, 7-9; Rom 13, 8-10; Mt 18, 15-20 Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another (Rom 13, 8) In the end, love is what it is all about. It is God. It never fails. It keeps no records of wrongs (“If...

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