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The Commandment of Love

As members of the Vincentian Family we need to savor the inexhaustible well-spring of virtue and the examples of holiness of our predecessors.

Key Role of Friendship in the Life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Deep friendships were extremely important to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and she made every effort to keep in close contact with them. (SlideShare presentation)

Strength of the Weak and Fearful

Jesus himself is the proof that strength, becomes perfect in weakness. Christians, then, cannot but be weak, and so, strong (2 Cor 12, 9-10). Matthew, more than the other evangelists, speaks of the words of Scriptures reaching their fulfillment in Jesus. He portrays...

Frederic Ozanam and Servant Leadership

Frederic never aspired to a position of leadership (but in reality, he was a leader) nor did he ever attempt to utilize his position for personal gain.

Narrowness to Go Through and Overcome

Narrowness to Go Through and Overcome

Jesus himself goes in through the narrow gate.   His example gives us strength to go through and overcome all narrowness. Someone asks Jesus, “Lord, will only a few people be saved?” The question, in other words, is whether there is wideness in God’s mercy or...

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