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Father Virgil Cordano Center: A Place of Respite, Community and Hope

Father Virgil Cordano Center (FVCC), is a day center that serves people who are homeless seeking a place of respite and belonging while determining their next steps in life.

Speaking of the Elephant in the Room…

A reflection about the elephant in the room of our discussions of the Corona crisis….how the 500,000 homeless in our midst will be affected…

Lenten Video Series: Day 13, Ice Sculpture

This Lent, we offer to you the 2020 Lenten Video Series created by the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal. Day 13: Ice Sculpture.

Something More (Mt 5:17-37; I Cor 2:6)

Under modern-day pressures to bring the Good News to the poor, may the Vincentian Family continue to rely on that Something More.

Ephata (song)

Ephata (song)

We present a song, Ephata, made in Colombia by Sr. Luz Elena, daughter of charity, which motivates us, as a Vincentian Family, to meet the most needy.

Overcome through Him Who Loves Us

Overcome through Him Who Loves Us

Christ Jesus fully reveals the love of God. And since no one and nothing at all can separate us from this love, we more than overcome. Does not the reality or possibility of natural disasters and social unrests frighten us? Do we, then, not wonder if we could save our...

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