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Journey of Vincent

Vincent de Paul was born in France in 1581 during a time not unlike today: a time marred by war, disease, and poverty.

The Christ of St. Vincent

The Christ of St. Vincent is the Christ of Luke. He is the Christ who evangelizes the poor.

“… In Name Only”?

Do we have a “cafeteria mentality” when choosing what it means to be a Catholic?

Shadow Pandemic

In this time of sheltering in place as a result of COVID-19, what is happening “in the shadows” is an increase in domestic violence.

Agree and Disagree in the Church

Agree and Disagree in the Church

Jesus is in our midst as we gather together in his name.  It is due to him that we agree with one other and with our Father in heaven. It is enough that two agree, that two or three gather....  So, in the first place, we do not need a megachurch.  Nor is it needed, in...

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