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Ladies of Charity Advocacy: Shadow Pandemic

The LCUSA Advocacy Committee is helping to shine a light on a surge of domestic violence that has accompanied COVID-19 lockdowns around the world.

The Pope Video • Compassion for the World

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: Compassion for the World.

The Mystical Journey of Louise de Marillac

Benito Martínez Betanzos, CM reflects on the mysticism of Saint Louise.

Trinity – From Puzzle To Be Solved To Model To Be Lived

It has been a journey from Trinity as a puzzle to Trinity as a model for my life.

Proof of Our Really Belonging to Jesus

Proof of Our Really Belonging to Jesus

Jesus brings the Good News to the poor and makes it come true for them. Doing as our Master, we give proof that we are his followers. Last Sunday, we heard John the Baptist rebuke those he called “brood of vipers.” He asked them to bear good fruit as proof of their...

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