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What is the Most Important Room In the World?

What is the most important room in the history of the world… and our lives? The Oval Office, Buckingham Palace? … Would you believe a simple “upper room” in Jerusalem! Why? Because in that room on the day we call Pentecost, the most powerful movement in history was...

Louise and Light (Isaiah 58: 5,10)

Yet while walking those somber corridors, St. Louise came to discover right there in the gloom a flickering light that held her on course.

The Grasshopper Theory of Poverty and Change

A simple story that describes what it is like to be poor.

Vulnerability and Victims of Clergy Abuse: Lessons from the Pandemic

As we continue our journey of healing and transforming the Church to the words and witness of Christ, both clergy sexual abuse and COVID-19 have become a part of our DNA.

Defender, One in Three, of the Helpless

Defender, One in Three, of the Helpless

Just like his Father, Jesus gives justice to those in need and defends the rights of the poor. Still and all, he gets them another Defender. Jesus lifts up his own. They are sad as he says goodbye. And they have the hunch that woe is coming. Is it time to strike the...

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