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The Vincentian Family Prays to the Blessed Mother

This is an extraordinary month of May, we have seen things occur this month that never before in our lives have we experienced.

Blessed Rosalie Rendu: Heroine at the Bedside of Cholera Victims

Blessed Rosalie Rendu, D.C. was able to control her emotions and remain calm and unshakeable as she organized relief services for her “beloved poor” struck down by disease.

Youth, Protagonists of the Present Era!

We young people are constantly changing, involved in an environment of responsibilities and challenges … and doing all of this seems like a long and arduous mission.

“I know that God does not forget us,” Véronique, from the Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda

Now that there is this coronavirus disease, the situation has gotten worse, especially for us who are old.  We have even less food for all of us in the camp.

True to His Mission until Death

True to His Mission until Death

Jesus is the one whom God has sent to bring the Good News to the poor. He endures the cross to stay true to his mission. And he wants us to be like him. Jesus enters Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowds. They hail him “the Son of David.” They welcome him as the true...

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