Simplicity In Our Living • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"I’m well aware that people think of simplicity in general as truth or purity of intention: truth, because it sees that our thoughts conform to the words and other signs by which we express them; purity of intention, because it makes all our acts of virtue tend...

Anecdotes of the Vincentian Family: How did Frederic Ozanam Visit the Poor?

The service of the poor occupies such a prominent position in Ozanam's life that it becomes of interest to know how he performed it. It was essentially a service of love. His manner towards the poor was considerate and deferential as towards his equals. He invariably...

The Mission and Vocation of the Priest– and Religious, and Lay Person– According to St. Vincent

Missioners — priests and brothers, Daughters of Charity, and [lay] members of confraternities of charity are for St. Vincent, first of all, baptised Christians.

What Did Jesus Did Not Have?

Everyone has an idea of what the Catholic Church needs to appeal to people today!

Impact of Every Day Choices

Impact of Every Day Choices

Fulton J. Sheen in his Autobiography, Treasure in Clay Jars, shares an experience which tells us the significance of the decisions and choices which we make in our every day life. "A boy was kicked out of school by the pastor and mother superior. Fulton J. Sheen took...

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