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The Most Vulnerable Among the Vulnerable

There are indications that some Native American populations are facing a disproportionate brunt of the COVID-19 epidemic with higher infection and mortality rates than the overall U.S. population. 

They Never Thought It Could Happen To Them

They never thought eviction could happen to them! And then it did.

A Vincentian View: The God of the Living

Jesus tells them and us: He is not God of the dead but of the living.

Corpus Christi and the Case for Change

As you prepare to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, have you ever thought of how it provides the underpinnings for systemic change?

Afraid at Night, Uneasy at Daylight

Defender, One in Three, of the Helpless

Just like his Father, Jesus gives justice to those in need and defends the rights of the poor. Still and all, he gets them another Defender. Jesus lifts up his own. They are sad as he says goodbye. And they have the hunch that woe is coming. Is it time to strike the...

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