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Evangelizing:“assumptions” about Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, and social justice

Catholics often struggle to explain doctrines to their friends (Catholic by birth and/or non-Catholic). We often think "everyone knows." We have assumptions. John Kane, in his Denver Post commentary "Holy day highlights Catholic “assumptions” about Virgin Mary, mother...

The de Gondi Style: A New Year’s Resolution for #AIC400 #famvin400

It may come as a surprise to some, but Madame de Gondi had to push Vincent a little. Calling Vincentians of Wherever! The Vincentian Family lives most of its life in a parish. And we need parishes equipped for the "new" evangelization. We need Vincentian "missionary...

What is the Best Social Media Strategy?

It's a question I often get asked. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I read... a lot!   Here's the opening of an article in the "Leader Essentials" section of the web site of the American Association of University Women. I've italicized the...

Planning a Campaign: Now on Social

Evangelization takes planning. Planning takes research. Research means reading a lot of current marketing articles. Often, when planning our evangelization initiatives we think of using social media. But we don't make a social media plan. What is this plan? A social...
Friendship and Evangelization in the Vincentian Tradition

Vincentian approach Evangelization

“It was clear to Vincent de Paul (just as it is clear to us) that it is useless to tell people that they are children of God and that Christ died for them if those people are dying of hunger, if society continues to heap scorn upon them, and if dogs are treated better than people who are poor. Again, we must understand that the process of evangelization demands action as well as words.”

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